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Medi-Cal DME Rate Cuts - Urgent Call to Action

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Here is a list of the legislators who are members of the Assembly/Senate Budget Conference Committee who will be considering the DME rate cuts.

CAMPS Joins Coalition in Filing Legal Action to Challenge Medi-Cal Rate Cut

The CAMPS Board voted to join a coalition that has filed suit in federal court to try and block implementation of the Medi-Cal 10% rate reduction announced as retroactive to June 1, 2011. Additional information from DHCS informed providers regarding the total amount to be recouped and the implementation of take-backs.              

In order for CAMPS to join in the coalition led by the California Medical Association, the California Dental Association and the California Pharmacists Association, we had to commit a significant level of financial support. In the prior 10% cut from 2008 to March 1, 2009, CAMPS and DME/medical supply providers did not receive the benefit of the injunctive relief. Our later motion to intervene was successful, but in the meantime the case has moved to the U.S. Supreme Court and is awaiting resolution. The CAMPS Board felt that we could not risk a similar outcome and needed to be involved at the outset.

CAMPS needs your help in raising the funds to pay for our fight to block this implementation. CAMPS Board members have committed their financial support but the burden needs to be shared by all providers. Any funds raised for this endeavor will be maintained in a separate fund. If we are successful in raising more than we need, those funds will be retained for the next fight, we know there will be one. We ask that member providers and their manufacturers consider a contribution. We expect that the first hearing on our case will be held in January.  

Please click here for a CAMPS Legal Fund Donation Form.

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