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CAMPS Advocacy

CAMPS Legislative Bill Tracking

To locate your legislators on-line go to the following two websites: or

Legal Fund Information

Thank you to the following companies for contributing to the CAMPS Legal Fund

A.V. Pulmonary Care, Inc.
Aircare Home Medical
A-Med Health Care
Broadway Medical Service & Supply, Inc.
G Hirsch and Co., Inc.
Gold Coast Medical Services
Health Care 21
Home Respiratory Care
ITC Medical Supplies, Inc.
Lifecare Solutions, Inc.
Maximum Comfort, Inc.
Merced Medical Supply
MK Battery
Mobility Solutions, Inc.
National Seating & Mobility,  Inc.
PICO Medical Rent & Sells
Pride Mobility Products Corp.
Progressive Medical
Sherman Oaks Medical Supplies
Shield Healthcare Centers (Div. Office)
Sierra Home Care
Sigma Supply & Dist. Inc.
Super Care Inc.
Superior Mobility, Inc.
The Custom Rehab Network
Western Rehab Systems

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