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CAMPS 9th Annual Fall Conference

September 13, 2022


Long Beach Yacht Club

6201 E Appian Way

Long Beach, CA 90803


Medi-Cal Rx Transition is
January 1, 2022

The transition affects transitioning most Medi-Cal drug claims and medical supplies, limited to enteral formula, from Medi-Cal MCOs to Magellan and FFS Medi-Cal.

Here is a collection of information on the transition and how providers can register in their portal and handle authorizations:

Filling Out Prescriptions

Video: Join the Fight to Eliminate the Medi-Cal 10% Cut/ Retroactivity of New 4/15/20 Rates

A Real Success

From VGM and CAMPS. Recorded May 21, 2020.

Click the image to view the video. (You will need to submit your name and email to view it.)

Download the presentation here.

Click here to view the video mentioned in the webinar.


Medi-Cal Update-The Fight Is Not Over!

A Real Success

We ask that everyone, whether you viewed the webinar or not, review this letter to DHCS regarding the impact of DME rate reductions. The more engaged DME suppliers they hear from, the more likely they are to make changes. Please act today!

You can review the webinar by clicking the image.

Medi-Cal Update-The Fight Is Not

CAMPS/ VGM Webinar on Pending Medi-Cal Cuts to DME

Exceptional Achievement


CAMPS Board members at Ca. Capitol

Perfect Execution

(from left to right) John Cassar, Bob Achermann, Steve Yaeger, and Todd Dodds

camps board at capitol.jpg
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