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CAMPS Members Receive the Following Benefits

The Background

Legislative Advocacy
Budget Watch – CAMPS monitors the budget process to assure adequate funding and payment of HME services.  The association keeps members updated on the timeliness of a budget adoption, and advocates for provider payment in the event of a delay.
Bill Tracking – Hundreds of new bills are introduced every year in California.  CAMPS monitors proposed legislation to pinpoint any adverse affects to the HME industry. All efforts are made to support positive legislation, as well as oppose legislation that would negatively impact the HME industry.

Licensing Requirements – CAMPS is familiar with California HME licensure and regulatory requirements.  We continue to provide this information to our members, and assist them in the process when needed.

Regulatory Advocacy Efforts
Medi-Cal – CAMPS is the HME industry’s key line of defense when dealing with Medi-Cal issues.  Following are just a few of the things CAMPS members can expect:

Claims Processing – CAMPS continually advocates on providers’ behalf to assure fair and timely payment of Medi-Cal claims.

Payment Rates – The HME industry is always subject to payment reductions in the Medi-Cal program.  CAMPS has been highly successful in protecting the industry’s interest by minimizing or, more frequently, by deterring rate reductions.

Provider Enrollment – CAMPS is knowledgeable about provider enrollment in the Medi-Cal program.  This knowledge is shared with our members in an effort to assist them in their enrollment efforts.

Treatment Authorization Request – CAMPS has worked successfully with the Department of Health Services to assure a smooth and fair TAR process.
CCS Medi-Cal – CAMPS has been successful in resolving claims processing delays with various CCS offices.  We continue our efforts to improve our relationship with this County operated program.

Private Insurance – Through our Private Insurance Committee, CAMPS works to educate private insurance companies on the importance of HME services, and resolve any claims processing issues.
Medicare – CAMPS is a member of the Medicare Region D, DMERC Advisory Committee (DAC).  The DAC is a structured group that works with the Region D carrier, CIGNA Medicare, to resolve claims processing issues.

California HME Update
CAMPS electronically publishes the California HME Update as a means to keep members updated on industry news. We use this method to report key urgent issues to members in a timely manner.

Sales Tax Information – This book offers tax application rules for HME items in California.  Members can purchase this useful tool at a reduced rate.

Meetings & Educational Opportunities
Annual Convention – The CAMPS Education Committee works to offer informative educational information that is timely and pertaining to California providers.

Nuts & Bolts Seminars – Top industry speakers are retained to educate CAMPS members on the Nuts and Bolts of Medicare and Medi-Cal billing.

Cost Savings Programs
Business Insurance – CAMPS has its own business insurance program.  The broker is VGM Insurance Services. VGM & Associates is a national buying group for independent home medical equipment providers.

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