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CAMPS is soliciting members for the following committees:

  • Reimbursement - The Reimbursement Committee is broken into subspecialty committees designed to address Medi-Cal, Medicare, Managed Care, and Private Payer concerns of the CAMPS members.

  • Annual Convention - The Annual Convention Committee coordinates the educational agenda and other aspects of the the CAMPS Annual Convention.

  • Education Opportunities - The Education Opportunities Committee reviews and makes recommendations to the Board of Directors on educational programs that may be offered to the CAMPS membership.  The Committee also develops on-line course offerings as well as identifies topics and speakers for CAMPS dinner meeting events.

  • Public Relations - The Public Relations Committee develops public relations programs to the general public as well as within industry that advances messages about CAMPS and its programs.

  • Government Affairs - The Government Affairs Committee members serve on any one of two subcommittees that focus on State and/or National legislative policies that have an impact on the industry.

  • Nominating - The Nominating Committee members identify industry leaders as potential candidates to serve in various leadership positions within CAMPS.

  • Membership - This Committee identifies membership benefit programs that will add value to CAMPS members as well as additional revenue opportunities for CAMPS.

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