CAMPS 8th Annual Membership Conference

Date: Wednesday, November 3, 2021
Time: 9:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.

Note: Meeting will be held virtually

More info will be available in the coming weeks.

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Updated: Friday, August 6, 2021

Webinar on Jan 19, 2021: COVID-19 and the Vaccine

Do you have concerns about the COVID-19 vaccine? Want to get more information from an expert?

Join Breathe SoCal for a live webcast of COVID-19 and the Vaccine Webinar on Tuesday, January 19th at 12PM to learn more!


  • The current COVID-19 vaccines available to the public
  • Who is getting vaccinated
  • Why is it important to get vaccinated
  • What is the COVID variant
  • Busting myths about the vaccines

Updated Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Video: Join the Fight to Eliminate the Medi-Cal 10% Cut/ Retroactivity of New 4/15/20 Rates

From VGM and CAMPS. Recorded May 21, 2020.

Click the image below here to view the video. (You will need to submit your name and email to view it.)

Download the presentation here.

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Medi-Cal Update-The Fight Is Not Over!

We ask that everyone, whether you viewed the webinar or not, review this letter to DHCS regarding the impact of DME rate reductions. The more engaged DME suppliers they hear from, the more likely they are to make changes. Please act today!

You can review the webinar below.

CAMPS/ VGM Webinar on Pending Medi-Cal Cuts to DME


CAMPS Board Members at CA Capitol

CAMPS Board members at Ca. Capitol (from left to right) John Cassar, Bob Achermann, Steve Yaeger, and Todd Dodds

The Recovery Audit Contractor (RAC) Program

(3/5/15) - The California Dept. of Health Care Services (DHCS) is notifying all California Medi-Cal providers of the Recovery Audit Contractor (RAC) Program. The RAC program's mission is to identify and correct improper Medicaid payments. DHCS has contracted with Health Management Systems, Inc. (HMS) to act as the RAC for California. HMS will perform audits for selected FFS Medicaid claims paid within the last 3 years. HMS will contact the providers whose claims have been selected for review for the RAC audit. 

More information on the RAC Program

The HMS Medicaid RAC website

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Free Online Live Webinar 

Medi-Cal Rate Reduction Battle & Impact to Managed Care

Presentation by CAMPS Executive Director, Bob Achermann

Click here to view the full webinar recording (in full screen) on our YouTube Channel

Click here to download a copy of the PowerPoint presentation (PDF)

Topics covered in the webinar:

  • What is going on and under discussion in Sacramento right now and how you can help avoid this onerous impact on providers. 
  • How Medi-Cal Managed Care Plans are impacted by these reductions. 

Unless legislative action occurs all DME / Medical Supply / Enteral Providers will continue to receive 10% Medi-Cal reimbursement rate reductions. 

Providers are also at risk for a retroactive recoupment or "claw back" to recover 10% of their reimbursement paid going back to June 1, 2011. 

Voluntary contributions to the Medi-Cal 10% Rate Reduction Fund are highly recommended. The future of your business depends on this legislative fight. 

**Donations to the CAMPS Medi-Cal Rate Reduction Fund are Tax Deductible

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Welcome to the CAMPS Website!

The California Association of Medical Product Suppliers (CAMPS) is the premier resource for California’s home medical service providers – businesses dedicated to providing quality, cost-effective medical care in the home.

The California Association of Medical Product Suppliers is excited to announce that it has reached an agreement with HME Solution, a strategic business development company that provides high level marketing programs to HME Providers, competitive bidding strategies and managed care contracting.  As a value added benefits of being a CAMPS members you will have access to HME Solution for the annual cost of $2,195, an $800 savings.


Governor Signs Bill on Catalogue Page Submission for BR DME

We are pleased to report that on Saturday the Governor signed SB 728 (Negrete-McLeod) that eliminates the need for providers to submit 2006 manufacturer catalogues pages to document MSRP to report DME items for the Medi-Cal program. This issue has been a source of irritation to the provider community for many years since it was adopted in 2004. CAMPS had attempted to eliminate the 2006 date and allow the submission of a current catalogue for several years but had been unable to accomplish the change in the budget process. Any change that might increase costs to the Medi-cal program was rejected by both the Department and Legislative Budget Committees because of the continuing state budget woes, (e.g. no change that would increase costs in Medi-Cal).

CAMPS approached DHCS again this year and after several meetings they agreed that it was appropriate to remove the specific date requirement of 2006 and replace it with a requirement that the provider submit  “ a hard copy or electronic catalog page” showing the MSRP on or prior to the date of service. Under current rules that MSRP with a discount is then used as one of the “lesser than” amounts to reimburse for unlisted or BR DME. When we were unable to include the change in a budget trailer bill we were able to enlist  the support of Sen. Negrete-McLeod to amend her SB 728 which was sitting in the Assembly and was not being used for its original purpose. We argued that requiring the submission of old catalogue pages was an administrative burden for both providers and the Medi-Cal fiscal intermediary and that basing payment on a manufacturer’s old MSRP was unfair and not reflective of current costs.

As SB 728  moved back to the Senate for concurrence in the Assembly amendments the bill drew opposition from the Department of Finance who raised the issue of potential increased costs to Medi-Cal. We were able to overcome that opposition with a signature by the Governor. The change legally takes effect on 1/1/13 but you should receive instructions on the change from DHCS via a Medi-Cal Provider Bulletin in the coming months.


CAMPS Exclusive Insurance Program

Reference CAMPS when completing your VGM Insurance application, which is accessible online at Or, call VGM's helpful staff at 1-800-362-3363.  VGM Insurance Offers general liability, products/ completed operations, professional liability, a full line of health benefits, and Medicare surety bonds for DMEPOS (Durable Medical Equipment, Prosthetic, Orthotic, and Supplies) providers.


CAMPS Corporate Sponsorship Opportunities Available!

The CAMPS Corporate Sponsorship provides your company the opportunity to reach our membership while showing support for our industry, providing funds needed for CAMPS continued effectiveness and viability, advocacy and outreach efforts.

For over 25 years, CAMPS has represented the California HME Provider community consisting of over 1200 licensed facilities! CAMPS takes pride in partnering with industry companies to enhance member benefits. Join us in our efforts to keep CAMPS standing as the leading HME/DME industry association in the state!

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