Robert J. Achermann, J.D.
Executive Director
Mr. Achermann is the CAMPS' legislative advocate. He deals directly with regulatory agencies such as the Department of Public Health, Electronic Data Systems, the State Board of Equalization, and state licensing agencies.  He also makes sure that CAMPS meets its short and long range goals as set by the Board of Directors. Mr. Achermann brings a wealth of knowledge of the issues and his expertise impacts both California and National legislative arenas. phone x106

Lauren Stoddard
Convention Manager
Ms. Stoddard is focused on CAMPS event logistics planning and marketing. phone x105

Stacey Siqueiros
Exhibits Manager
Ms Siqueiros facilitates our corporate partnerships for CAMPS. phone x114

Nito Goolan
Account Manager
Ms. Goolan performs all accounting functions for CAMPS. She has more than 35 years of accounting experience. She also specializes in budgeting and operation functions for CAMPS. phone x103

Ellyse Dill
Membership Services (Dues/Data/Exemptee Training) 
Ms Dill performs all dues membership/data for CAMPS. phone x132

Sarah Austin
Digital and Social Media Manager
Ms Spencer performs all digital and social media marketing for CAMPS. phone x110


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