Legal and Regulatory Requirements
California Operations

  • Basic Businesses
    • Business License
    • Sales Tax Permit
    • Emergency Preparedness Program
    • Fictitious Name Statement
    • Workplace Safety Review
    • Injury/Illness Prevention Program (SB198)
  • Disposable and Incontinence Product Sales
    • Medi-Cal requirements (AB2622, Baker)
  • Legend Items, disposable or reusable
    • Exemptee Licensee required on staff - Department of Health Services Food and Drug Branch

HME and Respiratory Equipment

  1. Oxygen Systems and products
    • Respiratory Care Practitioner on staff (mandatory if performing assessments)
    • CHP Hazardous Material License
    • CHP BIT Program
    • HazMat rules, i.e. manifest, hours, etc.
    • DMV Pull Program for all drivers
    • Drivers
      • Require special license endorsements
      • training and physicals
      • drug testing suggested
    • FDA registration for LOX and CMG transfilling
    • CA FDA registration for bulk LOX, CMG transfill
    • CA Drug Manufacturer License for bulk LOX, CMG
    • County HazMat registration/license
  2. Clinical Respiratory Services
    • CA Home Health Agency License
  3. Home Infusion Services
    • Pharmacy license
    • DEA registration
    • Hazardous Waste generator registration
    • Hazardous Waste disposal contract
  4. Prosthetic & Orthotic Supplies
    • NARD Certification; or
    • ABC Certification